Take control of your rent collection using Direct Debit

Direct Debit Rent Collection
Save time, get paid, on time

significant advantage Automatically collect YOUR rent, on the day YOU want it paid

significant advantage Easy to use web-based interface

significant advantage Set and forget system

Keep control of your money

Direct Debit Guarantee

Easy online rent collection

Do You Want To Take Control of Your Rent Collection?

Are you one of the majority of private landlords still using standing orders to collect your rent?
Question Isn't that the way everyone does it?
Answer Up until now yes, because there was no better alternative.

Well, now there is a better alternative ... Direct Debit rent collection !

The problem with a standing order is that the tenant has control over whether it gets paid, or not. The significant advantage of direct debit is that it puts YOU back in control of YOUR rent collection!

Did you think your business was 'too small' to get a Direct Debit solution?

LandlordsRent offers landlords, letting agents and property managers an affordable, user-friendly, small business Direct Debit scheme for rent collection.

The service is paperless, links directly into the BACS system and provides daily reporting, so you know straight away if the rent's been paid.

The service is fully managed online, from the comfort of your home, office, or anywhere else for that matter - all you need is an internet connection!

We offer different schemes, starting from just £10 per month, with unlimited monthly collections and the choice of rent collection 365 days a year!

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