Rent collection can seem like a juggling act

Direct Debit Rent Collection
How it works

significant advantage Collect regular or one-off payments

significant advantage Get YOUR rent when the tenant gets PAID

significant advantage Weekly, 2 weekly, 4 weekly, monthly, 3 monthly, 6 monthly or annually

Keep a tight grip on your money

Save money by using our online rent collection service

Give yourself more control of your financial future

Give yourself more control of your rent collection

Direct Debit Guarantee

Is Direct Debit the best way to collect rent?

Yes! Direct Debit saves you time, eliminates headaches and gives you back control over YOUR rent collection.
  • Deposits are received within five banking days after being collected.
  • Daily reporting means you always keep on top of successful collections.
  • Email reports tell you when you've been paid, or when a payment has failed.
  • No on-going input is required from your tenants to collect their rent -
    once the account is set up, the rent is collected automatically.
  • According to a recent survey of the lettings market by BDRC Continental, private landlords' rent arrears have risen to 34%, whereas fewer than 10% of high street letting agents (that use Direct Debit for rent collection) have suffered rent arrears.
  • Over the last year, private landlords have benefited enormously from access to many new and exciting professional lettings products, traditionally only available through high street letting agents, such as:
    rightmove advertisingrightmove advertising
    professional tenant referencingprofessional tenant referencing
    rent guarantee insurancerent guarantee insurance
    LandlordsRent... and now Direct Debit rent collection!

So, as you can see, LandlordsRent really does offer private landlords the final piece of the puzzle!

Are there advantages over other types of rent collection?

You bet! Think about it - what are the alternatives?
  • You could install a new tenant into your property and hope that they remember to set up a standing order for on-going rent payments - how many times has that worked as it should, or do you find yourself chasing unpaid rent?
  • You could arrange to visit the tenant every month to collect the rent in cash -
    with all the time, hassle and bank charges that go with that option!
  • You could pay a letting agent for rent collection, but you will pay from 5% of the rent upwards - 10 times the cost of LandlordsRent - and many letting agents still don't have access to a Direct Debit collection facility!

You can easily arrange for rent increases by setting the direct debit to change at set frequencies, i.e. every 6 or 12 months.

LandlordsRent Direct Debit Rent Collection empowers the landlord to arrange one-off collections for things like security deposits, tenancy renewal fees, or contractual penalties.

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